The Biggest Mining Companies in the World

The mining industry comprises of companies that are engaged in the exploration and mining of precious and non-precious metals, and sometimes even energy commodities such as petroleum and coal. Therefore, the work of a mining company is to help in the production of these precious and non-precious metals which are in turn used in the manufacture of a broad category of capital and industrial goods that include clothing, buildings, machines, automobiles, and computers. While mining is a global industry, most of the largest companies are located in Asia. Below is an enumeration of the world’s biggest mining companies:

Glencore PLC

Glencore is a multinational company located in Switzerland that is involved in the trading and mining of metal, minerals, agricultural commodities and energy. This multinational company is a backbone to the steel, automotive, power generation, oil, and battery manufacturing sectors across the world.


This is an international resources company that is based in Australia and that expores and mines minerals that include gold, iron ore, coal, ferroalloys, copper, and nickel. Beyond that the company also offers production, petroleum exploration, and refining services as it serves its clientele all over the world.

Rio Tinto PLC

Touted as a multinational metals and mining company, Rio Tinto PLC, which is located in the U.K., is involved in the mining and exploration of borax, aluminum, gold, lead, coal, tin, titanium, zinc, talc, and diamond. The company also has an international presence with customers from all over.

Jiangxi Copper Co. Ltd

Being a company based in China, the international company is involved in mining and exploration of precious metals. It does the extraction as well as processing of rare and precious metals and also engages in sulphuric chemistry. It boasts of a wide range of products that include gold, silver, copper cathode, copper rod, sulphuric acid, copper foil, and copper tube.


From the foregoing, it is evident that for a company to make it to the pantheon of big hitters in the mining industry, it has to be diversified in its activities. Most of these companies are engaged in the production of different precious metals and boast of an international presence.