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Which Comedy Podcast is Better Than The Podcast of No Return?

Which is your favorite comedy series? I bet you have an infinity list especially in the dawn of flamboyant social media podcasting. The thing is simple- inasmuch as people used to become popular on TV, these days, it’s about how well you relate with your audience. According to the Statista Organization, more than three billion people are using social media at this very time! If you can reach them in these platforms, you’re likely to achieve much as a comedian. See more about how to find great sketch comedy.

Do you understand the podcast?

In my childhood, I don’t think there’s anything I loved more than Kung Fu TV shows! Honestly, my-nave-self always thought the jumps and kicks were real and so, I’d try them out in vain when I left the hall. After growing up, I started realizing that I wanted to understand what exactly the plot was all about- the movies were in Chinese, remember? After a long battle with my conscience (I really dint want to let go), I found a new home in Disney ad Hollywood where I understood the language.

I know you have a similar story and it’s the same case when you are dealing with comedy podcasts. It can be frustrating to watch a show for five minutes when you really don’t even understand what it is about. So, you must be sure to pick ‘the Podcast of no Return’ only because it conveys ideas in a way you can relate.

What does this suggest? Well, if you’re Chinese and you do not speak any other language, you might have no use for Portuguese content and vice versa. There’s no shame inbeing left out in tis case because you do not understand the language in the first place. But, don’t bring Charlie Chaplain’s case in this though.

Who’s podcast is it?

It’s not a surprise that most people will pay attention to a person rather than the content they deliver. Yes- it matters who writes a book so that you can read. It matters who is singing so that you can listen to music. If Dave Chappelle is having a comedy tour around New York, you can be sure we’ll all flock there! Movies that featured Sharon Stone in the nineties sold like street Pizza! You know why? It’s because the person behind the story determines how prominent it can be.

Whenever you are looking for good podcasts to watch, be sure to see who is starred in them. Also, see if the podcast is available for free or it requires you to make subscriptions. The trick here is however that you should try out stuff from guys who aren’t prominent- that’s where raw talent is! See more podcasts here.