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Some Of The Exciting Features That Are Present In Instagram After 2020 Updates

Social platforms that are used in networking are many and among them is Instagram. An individual is able to have their photos taken. Also one can even apply filters and share them on that online platform. Any sort of videos can be posted as long as one has an Instagram account. the required aspect is only a profile. The process of profile creation will involve feeding in the names to be used for that profile and their email address. After profile creation, you need to add followers and also make your account visible to your followers. This makes any post you make available for viewing, liking, and commenting to your followers. They will be able to see your posts on their news feed. Instagram is compatible with various devices such as android devices such as handheld phones. One can also access their Instagram accounts and page from a computer web. It is easier to have to upload your photos and videos when using a mobile app. in Instagram other features such as story features is present. photos and videos in the story section last for only 24 hours. when the 24 hours are over, the stories are no longer present. The current growing levels of technology has a key role in the development of all Instagram features. These features are effective in keeping up with friends. Consequently, they can also be used as tools of marketing. The following are the features that are exciting about the recent 2020 Instagram updates.

The latest version of Instagram also comes with special features which include archiving of live videos one might have captured. In the old Instagram, a live video could not be stored anywhere making it unavailable when one wanted to view it later. Due to the availability of Instagram archives where one can store their videos, it has become very effortless to have them back for viewing when need be. Sharing the videos on other platforms after they have been shot and stored in the archives of Instagram is also very possible. A good example of an item one can put in the archives so that they can be retrieved later includes the live streams. One can only have the videos in their archives only for thirty days. Downloading of the videos can also be done from the archives to personal storage before thirty days are over. One is encouraged to view this product since it is very easy to use and does not require one to learn how to use the page. Very minimal learning is required for one to operate the website.