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The Amazing Things You Can Learn About Boats

Are you a fun of ships and boats? In case you are such a person then this piece of writing is meant for you. In this article, you will learn more about ships and boats, and the amazing things about these water vessels, and more info. In this article, you will learn many facts about boats and ships that will surprise you. In this article, you will learn even things like the first people to make a boat. The article will even cover the changes that have occurred from the beginning to date. The interesting things you need to know about boats and ships are as follows.

The important thing that you need to learn about boats and ships is where they originated. The surprising thing that many do not know is that the first boat was built by the Egyptians. One of the things that inspired the Egyptians to be the first people to build a boat was the fact they stayed close to river Nile. Being that most daily activities of the Pharaohs were from river Nile, they had to build something that will make work easier for them to move across. The fact remains that the first people in the world to come with idea of building what is now called a boat were the Egyptians.

The pharaohs built the boats, but the credit for the invention of compass direction goes to the Chinese. One of the challenges that was faced when moving in any large water body was telling direction. Therefore, the Chinese stepped forward to solve that problem by inventing compass direction that could tell the sailors the north, south, east, and west. The invention of the Chinese has been helpful to date, since then, sailors can find their way easily even when moving across large water bodies like the lakes, oceans, and seas. Therefore, the knowledge of building the boats come from the pharaohs, but when it comes to invention compass direction, the credit goes to the Chinese.

The other funny thing you need to know about boats and ships is that they are of different sizes. The difference between a ship and boat is seen in their weight and size. A boat is small in size while a ship is bigger. Any water vessel that weighs 500 tonnes and more qualifies to be called a ship. Therefore, you need to know when to call a water vessel a ship or a boat.

The things mentioned-above are the funny things you need to know about boats and the ships.